50 Shades Of Grey For Your Home…

February 25th 2015
By: Melanie

Grey still remains a very popular colour choice in our home interiors, from wall papers to home furnishings, this colour has truly taken over shades of white so popular 10 years ago. There are so many different types of grey paint colours available now, The Little Greene Paint and Paper company has a selection of greys from warm the warm tones of Grey Moss – which boarders more on the browny tones from Normandy Grey which has a yellow tone.

Greys are great when used with accent colours such as pastel shades, bold print and bright pops of colour. Popular colour pops are bright yellows, bright blues, also used within large asymmetric patterns.

If you’ve been watching the high lights from this week’s fashion week you will have seen a preview of upcoming trends. Watch out for autumnal shades, such as deep browns, reds and blacks, boho chic, as well as a Japanese influence on soft furnishings such as oriental prints and shades. Also origami folds were a hit, no doubt we will see these translated into our home’s interiors, reproduced in lamp shades and soft furnishings. As well as colour blocking, large bright colours that have been popular over the past three years which include crimson red, bright electric blue and bright yellow. Gothic overtones also meet graphic art with Giles Deacons new collection, so if you want to stay ahead of the interior trends, introduce some of these new schemes into your home’s interior this year.