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5 Top Tips For Landlords This Winter

December 17th 2014
By: Melanie

Recent figures published by British Gas have revealed that 49% of people are not looking forward to winter. The greatest concern was around whether their homes would withstand the winter weather including freezing temperatures, strong winds, and potential snowfall. Not only does maintaining your let property in the winter help protect your investment, but it helps reassure tenants and make the feel comfortable and safe.

As a result British Gas has published 5 tips to help landlords in the run up to winter.

1.)    Undertake external building inspections

A quick external check of your property can help highlight issues before they become a real problem! Make sure you look at the outside walls, windows, doors and roof for any signs of weakness or damage, replace cracked tiles and check chimney pots.

2.)    Test heating systems

Has you boiler been serviced ready for the winter months? Have you checked all of your radiators and pipers for leaks? This is especially important if the property is vacant as you will want to drain the system down, along with all the hot and cold water pipes.

3.)    Keep an eye on insulation

It is worth checking whether your loft insulation is up to current standard as not only may it be very inefficient, but you may also be eligible for a grant to help make it better. Things to consider include, cavity wall insulation, double or secondary glazing, as well as filling gaps and cracks in skirting boards and floors.

4.)    Be aware of flood risks.

According to British Gas’ research about 10% of people surveyed worry about flooding occurring as a result of burst pipes. The simplest solution is to try and not let any pipes freeze by protecting any exposed pipes with insulating sleeves.

5.)    Check the outside paving

When the weather gets really cold water will freeze onto your paving. Not only does this pose a risk to yourself and tenants, but also any other visitors or working people who may choose to seek compensation should they fall over and hurt themselves. Ensuring that the paving is well drained means that less water should collect on top and freeze. 

If you have any questions about how to protect your home then either pop into branch or call our dedicated Property Management Specialists by calling 0844 8111090.