5 Healthy And Cheap Packed Lunch Ideas...

August 29th 2013
By: Melanie

There are only a few days until the new school term, so we have put together some healthy eating pack lunch ideas for children age 9 and up wards based on information from the Change4Life website:


Cold spicy chicken strips – these could be left over from a Sunday roast

Rice with beans and peas

Slice of Jamaican ginger cake – if you are worried about the remainder being unused you could make different versions of bread and butter pudding with it

Low-fat plain yoghurt

Fruit smoothie – making your own from fruit can be a cheaper and healthier alternative


Potato salad with spring onion, mixed beans and avocado (in low-fat plain yogurt)

Cherry tomatoes

Ready-to-eat apricots

Kiwi fruit

Bottle of water


Tuna and sweetcorn sandwich (brown bread with reduced-calorie mayonnaise)

Muesli yoghurt, low-fat

Mango slices

Scotch pancake

Bottle of water


Egg and tomato pitta pockets

Salad with sweetcorn

Slice of carrot cake


Bottle of water


Poppy seed bagel with liver pate and cucumber

Carrot sticks

Small box of raisins

Semi-skimmed milk

To find check out some more healthy menu plans why not visit the NHS website @