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2018 velvet home design

January 3rd 2018
By: Melanie
2018 velvet home design

For the past few years it’s all been about stark interiors, which almost verge on the cold and hostile - minimalism. However last year we experienced a real shift away from this popular home design. Scandinavian design started to seep into our homes introducing pops of colour, furs and ply wood finishes. In fact 2017 home design finished as a bit of a collective mix - maximalism, combinations of artefacts from world travels, metal, wood, concrete, marble - natural materials, when all mixed together in a designed way can look stunning. 

Of course we still aspire to having big windows, which will let in every possible bit of natural light we can summon from the UK’s weather. It’s one of the most important things for home buyers that a house is light and airy. Maximising natural light can be achieved in any home, clever inventions such as sun tunnels have made this possible. LED has also moved on in the past few years, allowing us to combine light themes, with pendant lights, spots and walls of light, all enhancing the feel of warmth in our homes. 

This year the trend for maximising will continue with a few twists. Velvet although popular over the past three years will really come into its own this year, we will see velvet being introduced across all of our soft furnishings from curtains, to bed throws and cushions. If you want to bring a bit of warmth and luxury to your home this winter then why not introduce some of this luxurious fabric. If you would like to make some of your own soft furnishing then why not check out this website which is full of different styles of velvet.