10 Top Tips To Get Your Patio Ready This Spring…

April 4th 2013
By: Melanie

Spring finally seems to be on its way, and it’s a time when many of us are thinking about preparing our patios. So we have put a few tips together, to help you to get your patio ready:
• One the quickest ways to bring your patio surface back to life is by using a jet wash to clean your decking or tiles. Make sure when you do this that you test the pressure in one area, and try and work methodically.
• Uncover your patio furniture, and scrub with an environmentally friendly cleaner. Plastic furniture can be cleaned with a jet wash, and metal furniture can be brushed down with a hand brush and old tooth brush to get rid of any grime. Sometimes just using some general washing up liquid with some water is adequate.
• If you have found that your metal furniture is rusty, remove any flaky paint, give it a quick run over with a wire brush, and re-paint with a metal paint, in you desired colour, you could even experiment with a new colour.
• If you have wooden furniture, this might need a coat of oil or paint.
• Clean and scrub all of your patio pots with warm water– make sure that you don’t contaminate them with any soap or chemicals, as this might hurt your plants.
• Hanging baskets and pots, you will need to start thinking and planting your outdoor plants either in your home or in a green house, ready for summer. If you fancy a change then consider growing herbs and vegetables.
• If you have a small outside space, then think about adding horizontal shelving units, and painting them a complimentary colour to your pots and wall/fencing, these can look really attractive if you pile them high with pots and plants.
• Consider you lighting – most outdoor lighting is relatively cheap, and there is a huge array of different types on offer in most DIY stores.
• Give your BBQ a good spring clean and tidy up.
• Think about installing a water butt, if you don’t already have one, as then you can water your patio plants freely throughout the year.
Then sit back and enjoy all of your hard work…