10 Ideas For Family Fun These Holidays…

August 14th 2015
By: Melanie

It’s a busy time of year for families, some parents like to plan ahead for the summer holidays by making a day-by-day holiday chart, which is great for kids as they can check it out every day - however that approach isn’t for everyone, with most of us planning a week or even a few days in advance; the English climate doesn’t make it easy. Well whatever your preference is we’ve come up with 10 fun ideas you can do with the kids this summer holiday:

1. Check out the free events at your local library, this is a great way to get out of the house whatever the weather, and introduce your children to the wonders of reading.

2. Dress up – children love dressing up, if you don't have any old clothes then take a trip to your local charity shop, they are a great place to pick up a bargain and they might find some inexpensive games and books to amuse them too.

3. Washing up – let your children explore wonders of washing up – if you don't fancy giving them real crockery to practise on then you could get them to clean their plastic tea set.

4. Plant some sunflower seeds – making it into a competition to see who’s grows the tallest.

5. Make some finger puppets out of some old material and gloves.

6. Make your own play dough

7. Everything to do with Rose’s seems to be really in vogue at the moment, so why not make some rose perfume with the kids.

8. Have a movie afternoon, get your kids to make their own pop corn packets, buy some corn and let it pop in an old saucepan –kids love this, it’s like magic, so much better than putting it in a microwave, then choose some films to watch.

9. If it’s a rainy day have an indoor treasure hunt.

10.  A twist on Pooh sticks - Make boats from left over rubbish and set them to sail on your local river or lake, the kids will love this.