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Moving up the property ladder

What are your reasons for moving up?

Upsizing is often one of the best experiences you will have, because you get to choose a new home with more space than your current one.

However before deciding on whether up sizing is the right thing for you, you will need to consider a few things:

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Can you afford your new home?

It’s best to decide the purpose of moving into a larger home before you make the move. This will help you to focus on whether you are moving out of necessity or desire.

Moving up will invariably involve accessing more finance, as it will probably be more expensive, unless you are moving into a cheaper area. Items such as council tax, utility bills and so fourth will probably more expensive too. It’s important to make sure your aspirations of owning a larger home meet the reality of your finances.

Do you need to sell or buy first?

It’s advisable in the best-case scenario, but if you have already fallen for a property you will need to work quickly to ensure a quick sale. This includes being realistic about your property’s price. At Intercounty we have a great knowledge of the local market so we will be able to advise you on the best price for a sale.

The next step will be to make sure that your property is ready to go onto the market as quickly as possible, so that it can be listed straightaway, and lastly you will need set a realistic moving date that will fit in with both you and your buyer.

Will this be your home until retirement?

If you are planning on staying in your next property until you retire, you will need to make sure that you create a list of requirements that your next home must deliver. If you currently have a young family, it can be hard to imagine the time when you won’t need extra space, but the time will come, probably much quicker than you think, and you need to make sure that your home will be suitable for you and your partner when it’s just the two of you again.   

Our experienced property team will be here to help you each step of the way. If you would like some advice or to have a chat with one of our specialists then call or pop into your local branch.

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