Our team

Coming to work must be rewarding, educational and fun but most of all our people have a sense of being valued and connected. Every member of our staff has a voice in how the company is run, our philosophy is no idea is a bad idea which runs throughout the company. Our teams have a real belief that each and every one of them is responsible for the future and success of Intercounty. 

Everybody has a personal development plan which is worked with a Director and training manager. This will be reviewed monthly to make sure they are kept on track.  Goals are set both from a career, results and a personal achievement basis and everyone is encouraged to pursue out of work goals especially family & charity/fund raising.

  • Monthly Birthday Breakfast - Once a month our Directors take all our people celebrating a birthday that month to breakfast. It is a great opportunity to chat to others who work in different branches and departments.

  • The Bee Gee’s (Business Generation Club) - These are for negotiators who are wanting to take the opportunity to develop,  discuss and learn from each other.

  • Newsletter: We publish a bi-weekly internal newsletter which highlights both professional and personal success stories of our staff and local events. Fantastic examples of customer service that we have experienced either in our own business or externally are also shared.

  • Property Manager of the Month: This is awarded monthly where a Property Manager has demonstrated and delivered a WOW to a customer or colleague. The winner gets to park their car in a reserved space.

  • Family fun Day - A summer event organised to allow us an opportunity to thank the families of our staff and for them to meet each other and enjoy spending time together in a relaxed and fun environment.

  • Training - All our staff attend regular training and coaching sessions. These training sessions are led by Industry leaders on external training courses or internal "experts" who share their expertise.

  • Awards Evening - an evening for all our team to get together to recognise the achievements. Awards are given for a number of different categories including integrity, community involvement & outstanding service to Intercounty. The awards are awarded to our people and voted by our people.

  • Star performers trips: Every year we take a number of our staff away to recognise their hard work.