Tenant Protection

Don't let serious illness, stress or injury lose the home you love

We can introduce you to Embrace Financial Services who can help you protect your rent and your home.

Critical Illness insurance

• A lump sum or regular income could be used to pay your rent and bills until you are able to work again.

• You can take the time needed to recuperate fully without the anxiety of worrying about money.

Income Protection cover

• Replaces a proportion of the income you lose if you cannot work due to illness or injury

• Peace of mind knowing your rent is covered.

Life Cover

• A lump sum or regular income could be left to your loved ones in event of your death.

• Affords them the time needed to grieve without worrying about returning or having a financial burden.

Tenant protection

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If you were unable to work how would you pay your rent?

  • The average rent is £864 per month.
  • Statutory sick pay is currently £118 a week which equates to £511 a month.
  • The average family savings pot is £3,494.
  • Don’t forget all your other outgoings utility bills, council tax, phone contracts, gym membership and the rest.

LSL Buy to Let Index, Dec 2018, April 2019. Aviva Protecting Our Families Report, January 2018

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