Branch News - Bishop's Stortford

September 13th 2021
At Intercounty, we are delighted to work closely with so many landlords in and around Saffron Walden. We know many landlords have more than one rental property. If you have a rental property portfolio, you might be considering what is best for you as we move forward.
September 10th 2021
If you are a landlord, it is likely you will have wrestled with whether it is better to let a fully-furnished property, an unfurnished property, or something in between?
September 6th 2021
The demand for homes is huge right now, which has led many vendors to consider what to do for the best. It is one thing selling your home for a grand price, but when it comes time to buy, an inflated price is harmful.
September 1st 2021
At Intercounty, we care about local housing markets, and we pay close attention to what is happening across the country.
August 30th 2021
We all know landlords and tenants want to avoid rental arrears as they are bad news for all concerned. Thankfully, it appears as though there has been positive movement in this part of the market of late.
August 27th 2021
At Intercounty, we have been very busy of late, and we know how active the housing market has been of late. Also, the leading property portal in the country has confirmed how busy the market is. Rightmove figures show that the opening half of 2021 is the busiest the UK housing market has been in years.
August 27th 2021
One of the most important tasks for us at Intercounty is helping landlords serve tenants. We understand the importance of happy tenants, and this is something that makes a massive difference in the rental sector.
August 20th 2021
At Intercounty, we are here to make sure you make informed decisions in the housing market. This is a challenging time, but with the right help, we are sure you will make informed decisions.
August 16th 2021
No mater your line of business, you need to manage your cash flow. This is as crucial for landlords as it is for any line of work, and at Intercounty, we are here to assist you as best we can.
August 14th 2021
While it is good to see so much activity in the housing market, there are challenges to overcome. At Intercounty, we are keen to help as many people move as we can, but when there are more property market moves, the chance of property deals collapsing increase.
August 11th 2021
At Intercounty, we do our best to ensure landlords make informed decisions and care for their tenants. We also work hard to ensure landlords make informed decisions regarding the administrative aspect of the market.
August 9th 2021
Right now, there is still a great deal of action and activity in the housing market.