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What Type Of Flooring For My Child’S Bedroom?

May 18th 2015
By: Melanie

When it comes to choosing a flooring for your child’s bedroom there are a few main flooring options to consider: carpet, tiles, lino or parquet.

Carpets made from synthetic fibres can contain large amounts of chemicals including toluene, benzene, formaldehyde, ethyl benzene, styrene, acetone and a host of other chemicals, which can cause all sorts of allergies and respiratory problems. Carpets made from natural materials such as wool are a much healthier option but can be price restrictive, as they are far more expensive than synthetic carpets.  

On the continent they are far more aware of the dangers of toxins and dust caught in carpet fibres, so they steer away from having these and instead the majority of floors are covered in either parquet or ceramic tiles. Carpets are more suitable for older children, just because they are less likely to develop allergies. If you do choose synthetic carpet, air out the bedroom twice daily and vacuum at least four times per week.

If you choose a wool based carpet then make sure you get it stain protected, to ensure any stains and marks can be easily removed.

Sea grass – this is a cheaper alternative to wool but is also a natural product, so is low in toxic emissions. However sea grass floors do tend to wear quite quickly, stains are difficult to remove and they are harder to vacuum.

Parquet can work really well in a child’s room it’s easy to clean and if treated with oil every six months can be a really durable choice. It’s also relatively neutral which will mean that you can keep the flooring throughout the duration of your child’s life, from small child to adult.

Lino – these come in all different styles to suit your child’s age. Pens marks and stains an be cleaned off really easily, but they can tear quite easily.  If you do opt for lino make sure you buy one which contains a low amount of toxic emissions.

Resin floors – if these are 5mm in depth they will have a lovely soft and silky feel. They are easy to clean and are very durable. You can also add pigments to the resin to give it a touch of your child’s personality.

What type of flooring does your child have in their bedroom? We would love to hear your comments on our Facebook page.