What Does Your Front Door Colour Say About You?

January 29th 2015
By: Melanie

The colour we choose to paint our front door, like the colour of our clothes and our homes, really can say a lot about our personalities. It's almost like the business card of a home, a slight clue to the type of people who might live beyond the threshold.

The most popular front door colours are red, orange, yellow, green, black, white and blue. Way back when I rented my first two houses, the first thing we did before even moving in one cardboard box was paint the front door red. This of course announced our arrival, and people came flocking around just to see who the new flamboyant neigbours were. Since then, time has moved on and our preferred colour is green- a colour symbolising transformation.

So what colour is your front door?

Orange - Orange goes very well on modern new builds, such as the style of Huf Haus, with its linear lines, and crisp black and white blocks. The colour orange is associated with communication, perception, commerce, movement, intelligence and flexibility. Bearing all of this in mind it would be a good colour to chose for your business.

Red, this is a sign of luck and a warm welcome. In North America early settlers used to paint their doors red as a sign of hospitality, showing that a weary traveler could stop and have a good meal prepared for them. If you paint your door this colour, it's almost like saying 'Look at me'.

Yellow, this signifies clarity, intellect, creativity and a positive charge. It is also a very lifting colour, if you want to give yourself a lift then painting the inside of your home will cheer you up. If you chose this colour front door then you are almost certainly a leader and not a follower.

Green, this colour symbolises renewal, growth, rejuvenation and transformation. Green is associated with the earth, which is said to provide grounding energy as well as physical well being. If you paint your door this colour it shows that you are grounded in the community, having traditional morals and values.

Blue, is the colour of imagination, dreams, freedom and inspiration, if you are an artist, writer or another form of creative surrounding yourself with this colour will help to feel creative when surrounding yourself in it. This is an easy going colour, and people will want to know you if you paint your door this colour.

White doors, these are very popular partly because in the past most UPVC doors have only been produced in white. White is associated with the moon, and is supposed to show energy and cleanliness. This shows that someone is neat and clean.

Black doors, this is a colour most associated with secrecy, in the past it was thought that magic moves behind black doors. This is also a timeless look, a person with this colour door doesn't have to follow fashion trends.