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Planning Your Stay Vacation In Essex And Herts...

July 10th 2014
By: Melanie

Stay Vacations are getting more and more popular with families in the UK, families are choosing to stay at home for a number of reasons and it's not all about saving money, sometimes staying in the UK can be a much more attractive option due to complicated air travel, travel insurance and all the other paraphernalia concerning going abroad.

So how can you make the best of your stay vacation?

It's very easy when planning a stay vacation to fill up the time with appointments, cleaning and home DIY, so before the start of your holiday make sure you plan your holiday time.

The best way to ensure a stress free break is to allocate the first couple of days of your holiday to finishing any uncompleted tasks, this will enable you to relax during the rest of your holiday.

Set a budget - set a daily budget this will enable you to work out where you can go and what you can do during your holiday.

Plan - take time to plan where and what you are going to do during the holiday with your family - visit your local tourist office, check what there is to do in your area throughout the holidays, there are some great craft courses, places to visit and things to do across Essex and Herts. Create a daily calendar of things you and your family plan to do during the holiday.

Plan a visit to London - during your break plan a trip into the capital, there are so many things to do and see, check out the TimeOut's website, packed full of summer holiday events including theatres, museums and fairs to visit

Use up your supermarket vouchers - if you have accrued any vouchers from your shopping then exchange these for restaurant vouchers, park vouchers and entertainment.

Keep it simple - the simple things are always the best in life, such as creating a picnic in your lounge on rainy days, having a cinema night with pop corn, creating some fun art pieces for your home, planting some new flowers in the garden.

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