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Open Plan Living - The Pros And Cons...

January 13th 2012
By: Melanie

Open plan living has been very popular for at least a decade, but what are the pros and cons to open plan living?

Most open plan rooms are light and airy, and look very attractive. It’s a good way of chatting to friends whilst cooking or helping the children with their homework.

It’s also perfect for entertaining, parties are much more enjoyable if everyone is in the same space, and everyone can hang out in the kitchen.

However the downside is the cooking smells, which can easily transmit over the entire house. It’s difficult to have quiet time if someone else wants to watch the TV or listen to the radio in the same room. 

The space can also seem so large that it’s difficult to find a cosy corner. Some rooms can also feel a bit bland if painted in one colour, the best way is to try and separate areas by painting them a different colour.

Open plan living might seem attractive but before you knock down those walls think about how you live now and whether it really would fit in to your lifestyle if you were all in one room at a time.

If you’re considering selling in the near future then think about whether the space might be more appealing as one open plan room or as a series of cosy intimate rooms. What ever you choose make sure you’re certain before taking down any walls, as the cost implications are huge if you change your mind.