Lose Weight By Just Making A Few Small Changes…

January 8th 2015
By: Melanie

At this time of year most of us will be thinking about losing a few pounds after the festive season, however losing weight doesn’t have to be extreme, just by making small changes to the way we prepare and eat our food can make a huge difference.

If you buy products such as yoghurts, tomato sauces and so fourth, check the label for not only the fat content but the sugar content too, some tomato sauces can have up to 7 teaspoons of sugar inside. Instead, switch to a can of tomatoes and some herbs. Cereals can also contain a large amount of added sugar and even some seemingly healthy choices such as muesli, can also contain a large amount of sugar. Either go for a sugar free muesli or buy a product such as Cornflakes or Weetabix, that way you can add fruit or a low fat, low sugar, plain yoghurt - Greek yoghurt tends to have less added sugar.

Research has shown that people who try to lose weight by keeping to a 1500 calorie count per day are more likely to be successful in losing weight. To achieve a lower calorie count per day, just cut out unhealthy snacking, sugary drinks, or adding too much oil to your food preparation. These small things can make a big difference if adopted over several months.

Alcohol also contains lots of calories, make a small change by just drinking at weekends and by cutting it out of your daily routine. Switching to a gin and low calorie tonic from a glass of wine can also help you to cut out unwanted calories.

Another way to keep your calorie count lower is to opt for a low calorie lunch, such as a warming winter soup. Soups that are blended will keep you fuller for longer this is because they will pass through your gut slower, making you feel fuller for longer. If you fancy a bit of bread with your soup then cut out the butter to reduce even more calories.

Cutting out carbs such as potatoes from your daily routine in the evening can also help weight loss. Carbohydrates are an important part of our diet, but rather than going for white carbohydrates swap these for brown options, brown rice, brown pasta, brown breads, they reduce energy much slower than white options making you feel fuller for longer. New potatoes and sweet potatoes are also much healthier than baking potatoes.