Jon Cooke Is Set For An Olympic Challenge, Cycling Around Uk In 33 Days

February 29th 2012
By: Melanie

Jon Cooke MD at LSLI part of LSL property services PLC and a select team will be cycling over 33 days around the UK, in order to raise £100,000 for the homeless charity with the team at the Estate Agency Foundation charity, who are committed to work against the causes of homelessness. This is a national call to action for you to unite with fellow property people to create your lasting Olympic legacy.

Jon says: 'This An Olympic legacy - strong words but if you know me you’ll know that I thrive on a challenge but this will be probably the hardest thing I’ve ever done.'

Jon will be starting in Exeter and moving clockwise around the British Isles, supported by his wife, Victoria, twins 9 year old Hattie and Freddie, and two black labs who will be giving him encouragement from a camper van throughout the summer – he says ‘this will be a summer the kids won’t forget.’

Jon will be joined by Sean Newman who will be joining him on the UK leg, and Martin Farrington is tackling Scotland. Martin is a keen cyclist who has entered the Tour de France in the past. His friend Bricky will be following them with a trailer and tent, and Chris is their traveling physiotherapist, for when they need extra support. Another Chris, just to add to the confusion, will be keeping their bikes going over the 33 days.

If you would like to support Jon and his team you can get involved in a number of ways –join them on a stage or simply just cycle to your appointments for a day. For more information visit

Jon will also be doing a blog and he has stated that: “It Won’t be a fluffy, sterile blog - rest assured you’ll be able to read the good the bad and the ugly.' To follow his blog just go to or why not give him some encouragement on twitter @joncooke@lsl.