Intercounty Supports Stansted In Bloom

July 24th 2021
By: Intercounty
Intercounty Supports Stansted In Bloom

We’ve enjoyed a glorious spell of weather of late, and it has been a pleasure to spend time outside in the past few weeks.

It is fair to say that Stansted has been blooming of late, which couldn’t be more apt as the Stansted In Bloom contest has been running. The event has been likened to the Gardening Oscars of the local community. There has also been considerable interest in the competition.

There have been more than 50 entries, and the judges have told us that picking winners have been a tremendously difficult task. However, the winners have been selected, and everyone is looking forward to Wednesday 28th of July with great anticipation and few nerves.

Green fingered winners will get their reward

This Wednesday, at 7.30 pm at the gardens next to Crafton Green, the Stansted In Bloom winners will be announced, and at Intercounty, we are delighted to say we have provided a trophy in one of the categories. We’re looking forward to seeing all the entries, but as you can imagine, we have a special interest in the winner that takes the trophy we are supporting!

The categories are:

  • Overall Garden

  • Front Garden

  • Hanging Baskets & Tubs

  • Fruit and Veg Plots

  • Communal areas (schools, care homes)

  • Commercial Properties (pubs, clubs)

There is an event for everyone

We like the fact that there is a category which is suitable for everyone. We know not everyone has access to a garden space or has the time or energy to devote to making their garden look fantastic. However, the hanging baskets and tubs category, and of course, the fruit and veg plots prize, should ensure that anyone with green fingers can dream of taking home a prize!

We know that some people remain hesitant about gathering right now, and that is understandable. The event will be held outdoors, and people are advised to follow the guidelines, but if you would rather stay at home, you can still stay in touch with the event and winners.

Local press will be on hand so that every winner will be captured, and of course, there is likely to be a solid social media presence, so as soon as a winner is announced, you’ll likely know as quickly as attendees!

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