How Would You Feel About Living In Your Very Own Ikea Home?

August 9th 2012
By: Melanie

Within the jointly owned concept BoKlok, Ikea and Skanska have developed affordable and functional homes, a typical house would have the interior designed by Ikea and then the external part of the building produced by Skanska. For thousands of people an Ikea flat pack home could be a fantastic alternative for those struggling to buy their own home.

Like most Ikea furniture every bit fits and there is no real bling involved, the designs are contemporary, sleek and environmentally friendly. Ikea and Skanska are able to manufacture these homes, as they produce them in high volumes, which means they can pass the price onto their customers. 

The developer’s aim was to use space efficiently, encourage natural light through large windows where appropriate and use natural and economically viable resources such as wood.

So far more than 5,000 BoKlok homes have been developed, built and sold, with the majority of them being built in Sweden, with a small number in Denmark, Norway, Finland, Germany and the United Kingdom. Homebuyers in Poland will also be able to choose an Ikea home in the near future.

Ikea’s most recent development in the UK was 49 economic prefab houses for rent and for sale in the North of England in Gateshead.

However the question still remains will the Swedish wood style home be modified for international markets?

“We will adjust to local preferences. For example, land is more expensive in the UK, so we’ll probably have to build taller and with limited footprint to be able to stick to our reasonable prices,” says Jonas Spangenberg, President of BoKlok Housing, owned by Skanska. (The BoKlok concept is co-owned by Skanska and IKEA).

It will be interesting to see in the future whether Ikea can find a solution for producing low cost, high quality homes for the UK market.