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Hard Flooring V’S Carpet For Your Rental Property…

July 18th 2014
By: Melanie

One important consideration when renting out a property is which type of flooring is best for your property investment.
Carpets are easy to lay, relatively inexpensive and can be cleaned. If you are thinking of carpeting your buy to let you can either purchase an inexpensive carpet which is changed between lets, or buy a better quality carpet which can be regularly cleaned – the latter would involve a larger capital investment to begin with, but it will last longer.  
Another thing to consider if you are going to carpet your property is that in the past few years there has been a massive increase in damaged caused by moths infesting carpets, which can be treated, but a tenant might not necessarily flag up this problem early enough, which might result in you having to change the carpet.
If you do decide to carpet your property, try and avoid light colours, as they are really difficult to keep clean, mid tones and browns seem to be more durable. Another option could be to put hard flooring in the areas where there is heavy through traffic, such as in an entrance hall, kitchen and then put carpet in the main reception rooms, stairs and bedrooms, but I would definitely recommend that you avoid putting carpet in bathrooms.
Laminates, these are cheap to fit, easy to clean, and unlike carpet if any damage occurs you can easily replace a panel with a new one. Also with a laminate floor there will be no unsightly furniture marks.
Vinyl has seen somewhat of a rival in our homes over the past few years, like laminate it is easy to clean and is fairly robust. But if you are thinking of laying a vinyl floor, especially vinyl strips you will need to lay it onto a completely flat surface otherwise it will look lumpy and wear unevenly.
If you are considering a short term investment then it could be worth considering that a laminate floor could put off potential buyers.
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