Could A Diy Flat Pack Home Hold The Key To Our Housing Shortage In The Uk?

October 28th 2014
By: Melanie

The housing shortage in the UK is a massive problem, and constructing new builds is a long and drawn out process. Over the past few years at Intercounty we have explored all different types of housing alternatives, from small spaces to the multi-generation house. So when we came across a WiKiHouse where you can download the plans, print them off in 3D ply and then erect it in only 4 days we checked it out with some interest.

The WikiHouse project manager Alistair Parvin stated that anyone who could assemble flat pack furniture could also build this house. The house unlike conventional builds does not need bolts instead it uses screws, staples, wedges and plugs, according to the Daily Mail even mallets are printed off together with the house, for more information please visit their website

Parvin said: 'What we are trying to do is spark people's imagination about how technology can now enable almost anyone to afford their own custom built house without the need for conventional construction skills.
'We are moving into a future where the factory can be everywhere - and increasingly the design team can be everyone.

The house which will need planning permission costs £50,000 for a two bedroom, two storey home. If you would like to take a look at the house, it’s currently on show in North London, in Store Street, Bloomsbury.

Source: Daily Mail