10 Ways To Keep Your Garden Looking At Its Best This January

December 18th 2013
By: Melanie

It’s at this time of year that most gardeners would rather stay inside, but the month of January is when our gardens need us most. Here are a few ways in which you can keep your garden looking good throughout the month:

1.Recycle your Christmas tree by; shredding it and using it for mulch around your garden, give it to the birds for winter, sink your tree in your pond – this is great for fish and    aquatic life, if it has roots plant it for next year.

2.It’s at this time of year when you will need to feed the wildlife in your garden, most garden centers and large shops have various feeding devices, or make your own from left over cooking fat, just dip a piece of string into a pot of fat, chill in the fridge and when cooled and hard hang up in a tree for the birds to eat.

3.Dig over any areas of soil in your garden which need to be turned over, unless the soil is too frozen.

4.Start to plan ahead – this is something you can do from the comfort of your warm home.

5.Protect your plants from snow – if you have any heavy snow fall pop outside and just brush it off your shrubs and small trees, as this will help prevent them from snapping and misshaping. Bring in any pots or cover with bubble wrap.

6.Look after your pond – if you have a pond put a football or a filled container on the surface to stop it completely freezing and breaking.

7.Deadhead any winter flowering plants

8.January is a good time to reshape your lawns edges

9. Invest in a snow spade to clean your paths, as putting down salt will damage your soil.

10.If you have an orchard January is a good time to prune your apple and pear trees.