Careers at Intercounty

We offer a wide range of career paths for graduates and trainees and are always looking for enthusiastic, ambitious and open minded people to join our team.

Why join us?

Coming to work must be fun, rewarding, educational but most of all a sense of being valued. Every member of our staff has a voice in how the company is run, a philosophy of no idea is a bad idea runs throughout the company and our teams have a real belief that each and every one of them is responsible for the future and success of Intercounty.  Additionally after every major launch whether it be a new service, a provider or just a new newspaper template, every member is sent a ‘’what went well, even better if” questionnaire which can be anonymous should they wish.

Everybody has a personal development plan which they meet on a 1-2-1 basis with a Director and or the Training Manager once a month.  Goals are set both from a career, results and a personal achievement basis and everyone is encouraged to pursue out of work goals especially family & charity/fund raising.

We realise  that not all staff are driven by financial rewards so we try to offer additional recognition, here are some examples of what we do Birthday breakfast, Staff newsletter, Property Manager of the month, Family Fun day, Annual Awards Night, Star Performers trips, Training and Thank you cheques.

Start a career with Intercounty

We offer a wide range of career paths for graduates and trainees. We have built our business on the understanding that each person who works for Intercounty does make a difference, and we are always looking for ambitious, open minded people to join our team.


We embrace the fact that graduates will need to develop their work experience, helping them to advance their career within a forward thinking company.


At Intercounty our training programmes ensure that our people have the necessary skills and support to progress their careers. We will draw out your best qualities to ensure that these are enhanced through specialist training programmes, we don’t believe that one size fits all.

As well as working extremely hard for our customers we love to get involved in our local areas, helping schools and charities as well as enjoying plenty of good times with colleagues at the events we put on in house.  Check out our blog to see some of the great things we do.

If you think you would like to come to work with us please complete the form or call 0330 159 8017 and arrange to come and have a chat.

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