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What To Do In The Garden In November…

November 14th 2012
By: Melanie

The clocks have gone back and it does feel as though it’s a race to get the garden ready and tucked up for winter.

If you have a vegetable garden now’s the time of year to;

· Plant out your garlic.

· Harvest bolting leeks, which can then be put in the freezer for winter storage.

· Brussels – you might be able to pick some early Brussels sprouts. Finish clearing up any vegetable remains that have been harvested and add them to your compost.

In your herb garden you will need to;

· Cover any sage to protect it from winter weather.

· Protect any other fragile herbs by using fleece, however Rosemary shouldn’t   need covering as it is very hardy.

·  Collect any herb seeds for next year’s planting.

Remember that you should still continue to clear up after leaf fall, and harvest any apples from your fruit trees. Now is also a good time to plant fruit trees, annuals and bulbs for next year.