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Valentine’S At Home

January 29th 2014
By: Melanie

Instead of going out and spending money on expensive meals and events this Valentines’ why not spend it in the comfort of your own home. We’ve put some ideas together on how you can have an enjoyable Valentine’s Day without going into the red:

Fire side picnic - If you have a fireplace, why not create a fireplace picnic. Place your sofa or a picnic rug in front of a roaring fire, and put some Champagne or Prosecco on ice. For an extra touch serve with strawberries, this will bring out the flavour of the sparkly. An extra touch would be to write each other a poem or a love letter that you can read to each other in front of the fire. Check out M & S for some delicious picnic style food.

Spa night – fill up your bath adding some scented oils, and place candles around the edge, add some rose petals to the water - asking your florist for some bruised or slightly past their best roses will save you some money. You can also put some of these on your bed, and add a nice box of chocolates from a company such as and put some sparkly on ice. If you would like to buy some flowers, then M & S sell a Bloomin’ Marvellous vintage pink rose bouquet for £25.

Create a simple meal – the BBC have put together an easy but delicious Valentine’s menu, which comprises of Hazelnut butter grilled scallops with salad, a main course, Chargrilled steak with beer, mustard and watercress salad and a Pistachio and chocolate soufflé for dessert.
Supermarkets are also offering some great deals this Valentines’, such as a three course meal with wine for £15, but keep the romance going by disposing of the plastic containers before serving. Enjoy.