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Upcycling Items For Your Home And Christmas…

November 21st 2013
By: Melanie
Upcycling Items For Your Home And Christmas…

Recycling objects for our home has become more and more popular, as people are becoming more aware of how important it is to reduce waste and save money. Briton’s also realise that upcycling can produce the most spectacular one off pieces for their homes.

Christmas is just around the corner and this could be a great way to create unique, inexpensive gifts for your family and friends.

The best ways to find items to recycle:

• Check out people giving away items, on sites like Freecycle. You will be astonished by some of the great things that people throw out.

• Take regular trips to your local refuge collection point, refuge tips are great places to find materials to upcycle, such as palettes, old signage, metal objects and so fourth, but make sure you ask first.

• Visit your local salvage yard or scrap yard

• Charity shops – such as Emmaus, items bought here are often good quality and cheap

• Watch out for family and friends when they are throwing things out

• Use your imagination, as you can upcycle from practically anything once you open your mind up to creating new things from old objects.

We found some CD covers that have been made into gorgeous chandeliers (featured in the photo), old pool balls which had been made into wine stoppers and chairs made from old rulers. There have also been some really good programmes on Channel 4, such as Make Do and Mend, Kirstie’s Vintage home, Making Space and Kirstie’s handmade Britain.

If you have already started upcycling and would like to showcase your creations we would love to see them on our Facebook page.