Thinking about going Vegan?

April 14th 2016
By: Melanie
Thinking about going Vegan?

Over the past few years we seem to have adopted a far healthier approach to our diets in the UK, from seeking out organic produce to making sure that we buy from meat producers who put animal wealth fare at the forefront of their philosophy. This coupled with the new UK daily recommended guide lines for red meat being reduced to 70g a day means that many of us are cutting out meat altogether or just having several days off eating meat. Not only are more people cutting out meat, but they are also considering the benefits of going vegan.

If you would like to have a go at having a vegetable based diet here are some tips to help you on your way from the website:

They suggest being open mind when becoming a vegan. If you are going into this for the first time then make sure you allow yourself extra time to cook. The secret is in the planning, so get a good Vegetarian book, for example: How To Cook Everything Vegetarian, by Mark Bitmann and The Vegan Formulary by Skye Michael Conroy.

Take a look at your store cupboard to see which products have non vegan ingredients. You could also try out some of the vegan products now available in most supermarkets - Earth Balance; salad dressings - Follow Your Heart (great Cesar, Ranch, and others); Parmesan Cheese - Go Veggie; Cheeses (block style) - Miyoko's; cream cheese - Follow Your Heart; bacon - Upton Naturals; for MANY great vegan meat options, the brand Garden is great (these are frozen); the brand Beyond Meat makes great vegan beef crumbles, and vegan chicken strips - both of these are great to cook with. Tofurkey brand makes great link sausages that are great to grill or to cut up and cook with in stews, soups, etc.

With any dietary change we would always recommend consulting a doctor first, as you will probably have to take some dietary supplements.

For more advice on becoming a vegan please check out this link: