There’s more to landlord safety checks than smoke and carbon monoxide detectors - here is our checklist...

May 20th 2019
By: Melanie
There’s more to landlord safety checks than smoke and carbon monoxide detectors - here is our checklist...

Over the past few years, safety laws involving rental properties have increased, there are now approximately 145 laws and 400 regulations* and anyone flouting these new laws will not only be putting their tenant's safety at risk but could also receive a large fine. 

We have produced this landlord check-list and have itemised some of the main safety requirements when renting out a property in England: 

Smoke and Carbon monoxide detectors (England)- smoke alarms must be fitted on every floor where a room is used as living accommodation and carbon monoxide must be fitted in a room where there are any gas appliances. For more information please follow this link

Appliances, flues and pipework - as a landlord it’s your responsibility to make sure that all of these are installed, maintained and serviced annually unless a gas registered engineer tells you otherwise. At the end of each tenancy, you must check all of your gas equipment is in good working order, if not you must get it replaced before a new tenancy begins. 

Annual safety checks must be carried out on all gas appliances including ovens and flues each year. In 2018 a new law was introduced enabling a landlord to get a new safety certificate up to 2 months before their old ones expire while keeping the same expiry date. You can set up reminders via this site

Electrical appliances and electrical sockets must be safe and in good working order. 

Water - as a landlord you have a responsibility to make sure that your tenant is not in any risk of catching legionnaires disease which can come from droplets of water from water systems which have not been properly flushed out, water tanks that are not covered to stop debris from falling in, making sure that water is stored at the correct temperature and removing any unused pipework. 

Furniture and fittings should all meet 1988 levels of fire resistance set for furniture.

If you would like more information about your responsibilities as a landlord why not pop into your local branch of Intercounty and have a chat with our lettings team.