The Property Cycle Blog - Day 11 Cardigan To Barmouth

August 10th 2012
By: Acquarone

Jon Cooke, director at  Intercounty has been cycling around the UK to help raise money for the estate agency foundation. Here is his lastest blog about his journey.

An early start to the day, as we were supposed to be leaving at 6.30am for a rather soul-destroying 14 miles ride back to where we stopped 2 days before (before the rest day), due to the torrential weather we encountered on Sunday. Spirits were high and we walked towards the support team’s area only to find the 3 of them had had a party the night before and drunk 7 bottles of red wine!  One of them was asleep in the truck we needed, one was last seen running off to the toilet and the other was nowhere to be seen! Managed to wake one of them up (the one in the truck) and he drove us 14 miles back down the road, depressingly over a load of hills and through yet more rain to where we needed to start.

My brother Michael showed a bit of brotherly love and joined us for 35 or so miles, then decided he would go off mountain biking in the hills of Wales on his own! The first 14 miles flew by thankfully and then a breakfast stop with some of the support team and the family in a café by the coast. Then on to Barmouth and the weather got better, dropped in on a couple of estate agents and saw some fantastic scenery on the undulating coastal roads.

In terms of fitness, Sam is back on form and leading the pace, Sean was tired even after a rest day, but there again he doesn’t understand what a rest day means, having jumped on a train and gone to the Olympics on the last one. Unfortunately on this particular day I was suffering badly with my ankle which was painful on virtually every revolution and blind Chris was shouting at me down the phone “stop cycling   it needs 2 or 3 days rest”. But  with lots of pain killing gel and will power, by the end of the day it seemed to get better and I was able to keep up with Sam’s pace.

The day finished in Barmouth with fish and chips sitting on a bench with Victoria and the children watching the sun go down.

Thank you once again to our stage sponsors – Alexanders.

Jon Cooke

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