The curious property browser – 2.6 million home obsessed Brits browse once a day

October 6th 2017
By: Melanie
The curious property browser – 2.6 million home obsessed Brits browse once a day

Looking at houses for sale with no intention of buying or moving is a recognised hobby, do you ever find yourself just having a look on-line or in the property section for a nose to see what you could buy within your budget?

According to a report by the insurance company Direct Line 63% of Brits admit to looking at properties for sale on line when they have no intention of buying, with 2.3 million people browsing at least once a day. They say that 38% of ‘property snoops’ as they refer to them, have checked the price of someone else’s home online. 52% of these people were neighbours wanting to find out how much there next door neighbours homes were listed for, followed by close friends, 31% and colleagues 21%. Potential new partners also liked to have a nose, 10% and even ex-lovers, 9%.

There’s something quite tantalising about looking at properties and imagining ourselves living there and daydreaming about a different lifestyle. It’s a bit like window shopping but  on a grander scale. It would be interesting to know how many people have ended up buying a house when they were only having a nose.

Richard Durrent, Managing Director at Intercounty commented: " For many of us our properties are not only a place to live but they are also one of our most valued possessions - our homes really are our castles. Recent house price increases have made it harder for people to buy their dream home and in some cases even get on the housing ladder, so they look on-line and dream about what they would like to buy. Homeowners also like to watch property prices to see how much their house could be worth, that's why we've introduced our instant valuation page so that people can access this information at a touch of a button."