The Best 60 Days To Sell Your Home…

November 19th 2015
By: Melanie

If you are thinking about putting your house up for sale, there is no better time than next 60 days. It is the best time of year to sell a property, because buyers are looking to secure a home either before Christmas or start of the New Year in a fresh new home.

Having placed your home with a registered agent you will need to make sure that you stage your home for the photographer. If you are using an agent such as Intercounty they will send around an experienced valuer to ensure that they capture the best angles of your property.

One very important factor as winter draws in is to make sure that your home feels both cosy and welcoming - if you have an open fire then you could light this for the photographs.

Clear away any clutter, putting it into a room that will not necessarily need to be photographed such as a laundry room. Tidy up the garden and make sure your grass in mown and your bins are hidden. Tidy up children’s rooms and make sure that you make the beds. In the bathroom make sure you hide any bottles or soaps etc and in the kitchen make sure your work tops are cleared. Ensure that the curtains are fully drawn to maximize the amount of light coming into your home.

If you would like any more information about preparing your home for property photographs then please get in touch with your local branch of Intercounty.