Step-By-Step Guide - How To Make A Spring Bouquet..

April 30th 2014
By: Melanie

All you will need is the following:

Garden Secateurs

A selection of flowers, a good selection of Spring flowers such as 10 Tulips, 6 Roses, 4 Hyacynth and 16 Ranunculus. (You could also use wild flowers or flowers you have available in your garden.)

Paper to wrap up your bouquet

Cord or string

• Prepare your flowers by stripping off the bottom leaves, by using your secateurs or a small sharp knife.

• Choose which flowers you are going to use in the centre of your bouquet, these will normally be the tallest.

• Add all of your flowers - working in a continual circle until you have used all of your flowers.

• Frame the flowers by adding some large leaves or foliage to the outer edges of your bouquet.

• Cut off all off the stems at the same length and tie with cord

• For the final touch wrap around some paper and ribbon in a colour of your choice, available at most florists.