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So your house is now on the market - how do you maximise your property visits?

April 18th 2019
By: Melanie
So your house is now on the market - how do you maximise your property visits?

So you’ve done all the hard work getting your property ready for selling and now you can sit back and wait for people to view….

However, this isn’t always the case especially if you have chosen an online company who haven’t built relationships within a local area and doesn’t make regular property price adjustments.

It’s important to review your property description, try and take a look from a prospective buyer, does it tell someone about all the unique aspects of your property? How does your property stand out from a similar one? Think about what questions you asked when buying your property and address these in the description. 

If you are have chosen an estate agent, do their photos look as best as they could, have they chosen the best angles, are they good quality? At Intercounty we always use a professional photographer to ensure that properties look at their best. Getting your property noticed online is one of the most important aspects, do they work with companies such as Rightmove to ensure as many potential buyers see your property as possible. How many people visit their website each week or month? Do they have an active Social Media presence, local advertising these are all the types of things you will need to think about. 

It’s always best to work with a local agent such as Intercounty as we are experts in our field with many years of experience and will ensure that we use our large database and tried and tested marketing techniques to ensure that we maximise the number of visits your property receives. 

For more information please pop into your local branch of Intercounty for a coffee and a chat or call our team on 01279 655243.