Simple ways to enhance your garden this summer

June 25th 2019
By: Melanie
Simple ways to enhance your garden this summer

Summer has arrived and it’s great to escape into the garden for some relaxation. However, if your garden isn’t looking at it’s best and you would like to give it a quick spruce up then there are some really easy ways in which you can improve it. 

The easiest way to make a garden look better is by mowing the lawn and trimming the edges, especially if like many English gardens you have lots of lawn to enjoy. You could also have a go at cutting different shapes into your lawn, just layout some rope or string to form a shape and then cut in the borders. This can give some great results. Another way to transform a garden is by doing some topiary, most types of bushy plants can look really good if you trim them into shapes and forms, just make sure they are not too woody underneath. 

Another way to transform your garden is by planting perennials, especially brightly coloured ones such as geums, astrantia and hardy geraniums. You can split one pot up quite easily into three if they are medium-sized plants, and then plant them in clumps of threes in your flower beds, make sure you plant them in good compost and keep them watered and your garden will be bursting with colour. 

If you have a patio or decking which has been laid with slabs but has seen better days then just give it a good clean with a car wash, it’s amazing how giving it a deep clean will improve its appearance. If you have unsightly borders or paths then gravelling is an inexpensive way of covering up large areas. If possible, the depth of 2.5cm is ideal for keeping down any weeds. 

Outdoor fairy lights are fairly inexpensive especially if you buy them online and they are a great way to transform your garden, just drape them over plants or if you have any ornamental trees these can look fabulous with fairy lights.