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September - What Do We Need To Be Doing In The Garden?

September 18th 2012
By: Melanie

It feels as though autumn has started and it’s time to think about preparing our gardens for the months ahead.  

To prolong flowering baskets and pots you had cut back any deadheads, these will flower until the first frosts. If you think your garden is bare.

Now is a great time to start planting, from daffodils, to hardy annuals. Give trees and large shrubs a good start by planting them in September and then they will start to flourish next spring.

In the vegetable plot you will need to harvest and perhaps store or freeze for winter months. Pumpkins might need a boost, do this by removing any leaves shadowing the fruit. Continue to feed and water any French runner beans, and remove any old crops. Bring in any parsley and mint and put them in pots to use throughout winter.

September is also a good time for sorting out the grassy areas of your garden. You can seed, feed and re-turf any areas that might need attention. Pricking your grass with a fork will also help it to aerate, after all the rain we have had this year. At this time of year you can give your lawn a boost by feeding it with a fertilizer rich in potassium and low in nitrogen.

At the end of September is a great time of year to start thinking about growing garlic and onion sets.

If you would like to save on water usage then you might want to think about installing a water butt.