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Save money on your mortgage by switching

September 18th 2017
By: Melanie
Save money on your mortgage by switching

New research from the Citizens Advice Bureau has shown that one out of ten people in the UK are paying approximately £1,000 per year more than they need to by staying on a standard variable rate mortgage. *

Their research also showed that on average people could save around £400 per year1 by switching mortgages. This often occurs because once an introductory deal has ended a borrower’s mortgage gets automatically put into a standard variable rate, SVR, mortgage, which it may not, depending on market conditions offer such good interest rates.

The CAB found that many people who changed from a two-year fixed term mortgage to an SVR - around 1.2 million people, paid on average £439 more per year. 2

The Financial Conduct Authority feels that it should be made clearer for borrowers once their deal has ended by naming their new rate as ‘expired rate’ rather than one called ‘SVR.’ 2

Gillian Guy, CEO of Citizens Advice stated: ‘More than a million loyal mortgage customers are being stung with higher interest charges when their fixed deals end. Buying a home is a major life decision and borrowers taking out their first mortgage often spend a great deal of time working out the best option for them.’ 

‘Our research shows that many who choose fixed rate mortgage deals face steep price hikes once they expire. But two thirds of borrowers say their lender has never told them they could save money by switching.’ 

‘Lenders must be more upfront and provide their customers with clear information about what could happen to the cost of their loan once the fixed term period ends,’ she added. 2

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