Looking After The Contents Of Your Green House

June 19th 2014
By: Melanie

Midsummer is upon us and it is time to prepare for the fullness of sun in the next couple of months especially in your green house.  If you don’t use blinds it can be a good idea to apply shade paint to the outside of the glass to prevent temperatures from soaring.
On warm sunny day open doors and vent on greenhouses to increase ventilation and remember to
damp down the floor of the greenhouse regularly on hot days, to increase humidity levels. This benefits plant growth and also reduces the risk of pest problems such as glasshouse red spider mite.
To really help prevent diseases and pests don’t forget to give greenhouse plants more space as they put on new growth.  If you started of any half-hardy bedding plants get them outside for a short period only, at the warmest time of day, and then gradually increasing the length of time they are out, you can avoid the ‘shock’ that they otherwise experience when moved outside suddenly and permanently.
Check plants at least every few days, to see if they need watering it’s great to use rain, grey or recycled water wherever possible. If you like propagating what you already have in your garden keep on pricking out and potting on any new seedlings and cuttings. Hydrangeas and fuchsias can be propagated from softwood stem tip cuttings.  You might want to try growing on plug plants in your greenhouse. They are a relatively cheap source of large numbers of plants, and avoid the need for propagation facilities and time-consuming pricking out.