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Log Storage Ideas

December 20th 2013
By: Melanie

Where to store logs in your home, where they can remain dry and you don’t have to go outside in the cold to get them can be a bit challenging. However as with most home goods now available in the UK, there are some really interesting gadgets and ideas on how to store wood in your home without it looking unsightly.

Traditional ways to store logs in your home can range from any style of wicker basket, to some of the newer reinforced carry bags  - and the latter is not particularly aesthetically pleasing. Logs can also be stored in old coal boxes or wooden boxes, and these are all readily available to buy on-line. Wood storage boxes are also available in all different types of materials from glass to metal.

Creating an oblong container from metal or wood and then stacking up your wood in neat rounds is a popular look, not only does this look ‘designy’ it can also help to dry out damp wood which has been stored outside. There are all types of examples of clever shelving available on the web, the best site we found was, where people have used normal side boards to create wood storage units to using old Victorian moulded shelves to store their wood. This type of storage dates back to the days when our ancestors used ranges and wood was stored under and next to the mulit-functioning device.

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