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Is Buy-To–Let Worth It?

March 21st 2012
By: Melanie

While buy-to-let may no longer be quite the property rage it once was, as an income providing investment for those with enough money to raise a reasonable deposit it looks more and more attractive, especially compared to some of the low savings rates and continuing stock market fluctuations the global economy is experiencing.

With lower house prices in some areas, rising rents and improving mortgage deals  investors are beginning to be tempted once more as buy-to-let looks like more of an attractive income investment in this time of low rates and stock market volatility.

Like any investment, buy-to-let comes with no absolute guarantees, but for those who have more faith in bricks and mortar than stocks and shares Intercounty can take you through your property options for buy-to –let. 

The only real caution to raise is that many investors who bought in the buy-to-let boom struggled as mortgage rates rose -  that was of course before the base rate was slashed to 0.5 per cent – but we have to remember one day interest rates must rise again.

If you are planning on investing in buy-to-let property, or just want to know more, Intercounty Estate Agents can help you consider how to achieve a successful buy-to-let investment.