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How to maximise your property's first impression

September 26th 2017
By: Melanie
How to maximise your property's first impression

A recent report by Tesco Bank highlighted the importance of making sure that if you are a vendor that your property looks at its best for viewings, as just under half of buyers decide whether to buy a property on their first viewing.

So here is our guide on maximizing your home’s first impression:

Curb appeal – this is really important, you need to make sure that your home gives the best first impression. Clear away any bins, make sure your hanging baskets and any pots are refreshed, mow the grass, tidy up gravel and sweep paths. If the fascia of your home is not looking at its best then you might need to address any issues such as flaking paint. If you are conducting a viewing at night time especially at this time of year then make sure there is a porch light on so that potential buyers instantly feel welcome. If you live in a communal building such as a block of flats with a shared entrance encourage them to clear it up if needed.

DIY projects – there is nothing worse than half finished DIY projects or badly executed projects. Make sure any outstanding issues are finished such as problems with damp or things that need rectifying in important rooms such as kitchens and bathrooms as buyers will realise that any changes in these rooms could be costly. If your bathroom or kitchen has seen better days then spruce it up with a bit of paint, new worktops or even new cupboard doors. In the kitchen make sure that it looks clean and presentable. If your bathroom suite has seen better days then it might be worth changing it as the real cost could be significantly less than how much the perceived cost could be in a buyers mind.

De-clutter – help your potential buyer to imagine themselves in your home by de-cluttering, pack away any items which are not necessary and make sure your surfaces throughout the house are clean and free of clutter.

Animals – if you have any pets make sure they are out of the way for a viewing – as out of sight is as good as out of mind. Make sure that your home doesn’t smell of animals – as this can be a real turn off for people.

Staging – this is a term we use when making sure that a property looks at its best for a viewing. Make sure that your property is heated, if you have a wood stove then light it, as there is nothing more magnetising than a real fire. Make sure curtains are pulled, cleaned, the beds are made, clutter cleared away, taps are polished. If you can even buy some items for a viewing such as fresh bread or flowers, to help you stage your home. 

If you need any more help or advice please do not hesitate to pop into your local branch of Intercounty for a chat and a coffee.