How To Make Homemade Chocolates This Easter...

April 15th 2014
By: Melanie

If you would like to create your own Easter present this year, why not make some chocolate Easter chocolates with your children, they are relatively cheap to make, taste delicious and they can be really good fun to create.

All you will need is:

A silicon based chocolate mold, these are available on-line from £2.79
Cocoa powder - 5tbsp
Milk powder - 100 grams
Butter - 3 tbsp
Water - half a cup
Vanilla essence - 1tsp

1.)    First of all sieve the cocoa powder and milk powder onto a plate.

2.)    Then heat the water and sugar, until it boils - this part of the recipe should be done by an adult as it will be very hot, then when it starts to stick to the spoon add the butter, vanilla and mix with your spoon, followed by the cocoa powder and milk powder until the chocolate turns glossy. Once mixed well pour immediately into the molds.

3.)    When the chocolate has cooled push them out of the molds. To decorate them you can melt some more chocolate in the microwave and use this as a glue to add the toppings of your choice, such as a smarties, raspberries, flakes, and cake decorations. This part is great fun with the children.

If you would like to add a variant to the above recipe then why not add some flaked chilli. If you are planning on making chocolates at home this year, please share with us some of your recipes on our Facebook page.