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Green up your grey front garden

August 8th 2016
By: Melanie
Green up your grey front garden

One area of our homes that often gets overlooked is our front gardens, so to tackle this the RHS, Royal Horticultural Society, has launched a campaign Greening Gray Britain aimed at helping homeowners to create green outdoor areas either at the front or back of a property to encourage wildlife and bio-diversity as well as making our gardens more esthetically pleasing.  

They have some great suggestions on how we can all improve our front gardens, one of these ideas is to create a framework with a green planting roof around our wheelie bins so that we can disguise the sight and the smell by growing plants around them and over them. Sedums are ideal for the roof planting because they are hardy, and like dry environments.

So many front gardens are used as parking spaces and are either covered in tarmac or paving slabs, not only does this increase the temperature of cities and towns in summer it is also not very environmentally friendly. Instead the RHS suggests that we lay down permeable paving for parking spaces, this type of paving allows water to seep through into the ground underneath, helping to prevent flash flooding and stopping the ground from drying out, which could be bad for the foundations of a property. This mixed with beds of wildlife planting really can break up hard landscaping and is great for attracting wildlife. 

Planting trees with shallow roots such as Beech, Australian Acacias, bay trees and so fourth will soften the look of your property, and give your garden some height. A green walls will make your property look more attractive and will also help to insulate your property making it cooler in summer and warmer in winter.

If you would like to find out more about how you can improve your outside space then check out the RHS website.