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Food shopping: why shop locally?

May 26th 2016
By: Melanie
Food shopping: why shop locally?

Before the days of large supermarkets most of us would shop locally, buying from small shops, as we didn’t have the choice. Since then large supermarkets have grown into all encompassing beasts, which means mainly due to convenience and lack of time we have gradually depended on these large shops for most of our shopping needs.

However in the past few years there has been a definite shift back to buying locally, people have also changed their shopping habits, in the past they would do one main shop a week, and then perhaps pick up an extra bottle of milk at the corner shop, however now people are doing smaller shops, several times a week, buying instead from markets and local shops, where they know that they can rely on the quality and in some cases get a better deal. 

Shoppers are also realising that their money will be more likely to stay in the local community when spent in a small or medium-sized store - for every £1 spent, 63p of that stays in the local community compared to a larger store where only 40p stays in the local community.

Shopping locally is an ethical choice - if you buy your fruit and vegetables from a local producer then you can buy them safe in the knowledge that they haven’t had to be shipped in from thousands of miles away. You will also be supporting farmers and local producers in your area.  Quite a few local producers will also allow you to try before you buy, which means that you can sample goods before buying them.

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