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Fall In Love With Your Home Again This Valentine’S

January 29th 2014
By: Melanie

Have you fallen out of love with your home? It’s quite common for people to fall out of love with their homes after living there for several years, so we’ve put together some simple and inexpensive ways to make you fall back in love:

Rearrange your furniture - by changing this around it will give the impression that you live in a brand new space.

Finish any DIY projects – there is nothing worse than living in a home with unfinished DIY projects, if you find this a bit overwhelming try and tackle one DIY project at a time.

Create a feature wall – by wall papering or painting one wall in your home, it can give a room a real lift without breaking the bank.

Improve the lighting in your home – can really improve a space within a home, make sure that curtains and blinds do not obscure the natural light coming into your room, and buy lamps and add new lights where needed.  

Repurposing – this is when you use an old object and turn it into something new, such as turning old picture frames into serving trays, turning spanners into coat hooks, check out this site we found for some inspirational repurposing ideas: The best way to get your head around repurposing is to work out what you need for your home and then sort through old items you no longer use or want, to give you inspiration.

Have a clear out – clearing out a space or cupboard can be very therapeutic – sell any items you no longer want or can repurpose and use this money to spend on fabric, ornaments or paint for your home.

Change around pictures – move around the photos and pictures in your home, or mount new pictures in old frames. Another great way of brightening up a space is by using the method of decoupage, which is when you cut out photos or imagery and stick them down randomly with glue onto an object. If you want to brighten up old frames or mirrors this is a great way of breathing new life into  outdated objects and it is relatively cheap to do, if not a bit time consuming.

New curtains and cushions – by just changing your soft furnishings can make a real difference to any room design. If you can sew then why not use old clothes you no longer use to create a patchwork design for your cushions. A great way to give a lift to old curtains and cushions is by stenciling them – this used to be so old hat, something we all remember doing in the 80’s and 90’s, but there are some great new stencils available making it bang on trend.