Dry January

December 22nd 2016
By: Melanie
Dry January

According to new figures by Alcohol Concern* 9 million people in England drink more than their recommended daily amounts.

If your thinking about taking part in dry January next year then you will probably go on to reduce the amount you regularly drink, and possibly even give up alcohol after this month of abstaining, according to Alcohol Concern. In 2016, one in six people took part in having a dry month.

The NHS recommend that women and men do not drink more than 14 units per week, preferably consumed over the period of a few days rather than in one night. A pint of 5.2% ABV lager is the equivalent of 3 units and a large glass of wine, 250ml is around 3.5 units.

Other benefits of Dry January include being able to sleep better, 62% of participants and having more energy with half of them saying they had lost weight. 79% of people said they had saved money and 49% had lost weight.

If you are considering taking part in this non-drinking challenge Alcohol Concern have designed an impact calculator, which will show you how much you can save financially and on the waist line. You will also receive motivational messages, regular articles, recipes, tips and tricks on how to keep you on track.

Giving up alcohol doesn’t need to be dull, there are so many soft drinks now available in bars and restaurants, as well as hundreds of Mococktail recipes available, including these delicious recipes from the Drink Aware website

If you would like to sign up for dry January then just follow this link