Christmas Trees, Choosing The Right Tree For You…

December 11th 2013
By: Melanie

Finding the perfect Christmas tree can be a bit of challenge, and discovering that all the needles have fallen off by New Year can be a bit of a nightmare.

If you are looking for trees that will last longer then the Noble Fir, Normand Fir, Fraser Fir or the Lodge Pole Pine are low needle droppers. If you go for a cheaper variety such as the Norway Spruce then you need to expect that a majority of the needles will shed before and during your festive activities.

If you would like to buy a British, sturdy and well cultivated tree this Christmas then look out for shops that are Members of the BCTGA (British Christmas Tree Growers Association). Not only will these trees probably last longer, they have also been sustainably sourced.

Which ever tree you choose, you will need to try and make it look its best throughout the Christmas season, so here are a few tips:

Cut Christmas trees:

• Make sure you buy a fresh tree, the needles should look fresh, and when you run your hand along the branches they shouldn’t fall off. There is nothing worse than buying a cheap tree, and finding when you get home all of the needles have fallen into the car.

• Request that the shop or farm where you are buying your tree cuts a couple of inches off the bottom of the trunk, this will allow it to absorb water.

• Make sure you water your tree before and after installation, a tree needs at least 1 litre of water a day, so make sure you put it in a water tight container and water twice daily, if possible.

• Try and keep your tree away from any heat source, as this will make it dry out.

Trees with roots:

• Make sure you plant the roots of your tree into a plant pot, adding pebbles to the bottom for drainage and then fill around the tree with a good compost.

• Water twice daily, and avoid putting it next to any heat source.