Choosing The Right Colour For Your Home?

April 1st 2015
By: Melanie

We all know that certain colours in our homes can effect our well being, but when we read this article in the Daily mail this week we were quite surprised at how dramatically colour can make you feel; according to the article the colour red can even cause an itchy sensation, possibly because the colour reminds us of inflamed skin.

If you want to overhaul the feel of your home, the first thing to address is the lighting; softer lighting according to the article will make us feel calmer. Having bright lights in your home can cause disruption to your normal sleep pattern, which can then have a negative effect on our hormone production, health problems including obesity, diabetes and even cancer.

Dr Richard Stevens, a breast cancer researcher wrote in the journal Philosophical Transactions recently: 'It is becoming clear that typical lighting is affecting our physiology.'

Bright walls such as orange or red, can make us feel more anxious, and make us eat quicker, as they over stimulate the brain, white kitchens can surprisingly have the same effect.

If you want to introduce a calming colour throughout your home, blue is the most relaxing colour.  The article also states that people with the colour blue in their bedroom are more likely to have sex than those people with beige and grey rooms.

Green is also a great calming colour and can help promote well-being for people recovering from illnesses or long-term disability. If you can't introduce greenery into your home, creating a wall of plants can really help too.

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