Braintree Landlords – You Must Find The Right Tenant

November 30th 2021
By: Intercounty
Braintree Landlords – You Must Find The Right Tenant

While we provide many services for landlords in and around Braintree, one of the most important tasks is connecting landlords with the right tenant.

When you have a tenant you trust in your rental property, the act of being a landlord is much simpler. This is something we firmly believe in, but it is also something that is being said by many landlords.

We can help you manage your rental property

Some of the most interesting findings from the study, conducted by Hodge, include:

  • 53% of landlords believe finding the right tenant is the leading consideration in the role

  • 42% of landlords said finding a good property manager is a concern

  • 37% of landlords said being able to re-let property quickly was a big concern for them

Mike Clifford, head of commercial propositions at Hodge, said of the findings: “This research has highlighted to us as that no matter what challenges the market has thrown up over the last 18 months, the key concerns for landlord continue to centre around the base fundamentals of letting properties to good tenants and ongoing management. It is clear to us as a lender that we must work together with landlords and brokers to ensure that we continue to offer a service that simplifies the lending process and removes stress, rather than adding additional concerns.”

If you want to welcome the best standard of tenants to your rental property, make sure you rely on Intercounty.

Cause for optimism for landlords

Information provided by The Deposit Protection Service shows:

  • Average rents for detached properties in the third quarter of 2021 rose by £38, an increase of 3.52%. The average rent rose from £1,079 to £1,117.

  • The average rents for detached properties in London rose by £92 in the third quarter of 2021, an increase of 5.27%. The average rent rose from £1,764 to £1,857.

  • For rental properties on the whole, the average UK rent increased by £14, an increase of 1.74%. The average rent rose from £804 to £818.

Matt Trevett, Managing Director at The DPS, said: “Despite the roll-out of the coronavirus vaccination programme and the lifting of lockdowns, it seems that tenants are still prioritising more living space and are willing to pay for it. They are also staying in detached homes for longer and this, combined with lower availability of these properties, is driving up rents. The last quarter’s rent increases across all property types and most regions suggests a strong return of demand from tenants as employees start to go back into offices and students attend University in person this academic year.”

Paul Fryers, Managing Director at specialist buy-to-let Lender Zephyr Homeloans, released a statement, saying; “Evidence of strong tenant demand, particularly for detached homes during the last quarter, will help provide further valuable insight for landlords considering whether to invest in property this year. It is important that landlords wishing to purchase property take into account their own specific financial situation as well as current market conditions.”

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