Are You Getting Your Home Ready For The Spring Market?

January 17th 2013
By: Acquarone

It might only be the start of the year, but some of us will already be thinking about getting our homes ready to put on the market this spring, and be wondering how much money we will need to spend on improvements before we sell.
Interestingly a homeowner survey revealed that the average homebuyer spends approximately £4,500 on making improvements to their home within the first few months of moving in, and these changes were about making the house into more of a home, not changes that would have made them buy or not buy the property.  So this raises the question of how far the vendor should go before putting it on the market. As sometimes it comes down to a matter of lifestyle and taste.
However there are some key things you will need to consider (if and where necessary) before putting your home on the market:
Make sure your home has curb appeal – first impressions count, so make sure you give a first good impression, by making sure your home looks loved.
Finish off half finished DIY jobs – these can be big negative to home-buyers.
Garish paintwork, and wallpaper - try and make sure that the walls in your home are kept a neutral colour, as this enables a potential vendor to imagine their furniture and fabrics in your home.
Tidy up, and de-clutter, this will enable potential buyers to concentrate on the proportions of the room.
Animal smells, hair – if your home smells of dogs then you will need to consider getting your carpets cleaned. Or if your carpets are shabby consider getting them replaced.
Before spending any money on replacing an outdated bathroom or kitchen, we would recommend that you give one of our team a call, as we will be able to give you the best advice. A rule of thumb is that if it is in a reasonably good condition, but fall short of the standard of the rest of the house, such as a rotted window pain, then it would be good to repair or replace it.
However if your house is already quite scruffy, then it might be wise to let someone else take on the improvements, which will need to be reflected in the asking price.
All of this advice depends on who your local market is, at Intercounty we go to great lengths to make sure we understand the housing market across Essex and Hertfordshire, so the best thing to do is to invite us in to evaluate your home if you are considering selling, that way we can save you money where needed and give you advice on where to spend it when/if it is necessary.
Pop in to one of our offices or call 0844 8111090 today to arrange your free up to date market appraisal with one of our professionally trained valuers. Alternatively fill in the form on our selling page and we will get in touch with you.